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HOA Management

A growing number of housing developments leads to the need for effective and efficient HOA management. Kier’s experienced and dependable team of professionals can help you manage your investments in Home Owner Associations.

While a community is made up of buildings, grounds and common areas, it is most of all made up of individual people with separate goals and desires. These individuals create the community’s social environment. They have the ability to make the environment harmonious or discordant. Most often any association’s issues evolve from mismanagement of this human element. This is where the Kier team excels. As a professional and experienced management company, we can play an instrumental role in alleviating these problems by fostering a climate of common care and concern through strong lines of communication and consistency in the enforcement of the community’s CC&R’s.

We have been instrumental in restoring order in even some of the most challenging situations. We do it through compassionate listening, setting clear expectations, and just enforcement of the association’s rules and guidelines.

Let’s discuss your association and your goals. Contact Kier Property Management today

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